SkyWaterLand offers VIP airport service all over the world to those Passengers who value their time and comfort:

VIP Lounges – private comfortable lounges in airports where you can pass through all airport formalities: check-in for the flight, passport and custom controls, luggage delivery.

VIP Lounges – are facilities detached from the airport vanity.

Fast Track – passing through all airport formalities in the main departure area without standing in line. The most popular service in Europe and Asia.

Meet and Assist – Assistance in passing all airport formalities in the airport.

This type of VIP services does not mean a rapid way of check-in or passport control but guarantees the assistance through the whole process of arrival or departure.

Business Lounge – private comfortable areas in airports located as a rule in transit zone after passport and customs controls. The aim of business lounge – to create the best conditions for passengers who are waiting for their flights.

Luggage delivery – an additional service for arrival or departure. As a rule luggage delivery follows the main airport VIP services: VIP Lounge, Fast Track, Meet&Assist.

Car transfer – a pleasant addition to VIP services. Executive or business class car with a driver will be ordered in advance to get you anywhere you want.

Make yourself comfortable in the luxury environment. Our Team opens you the magic world of travelling through the prisms of VIP service all over the world.