VIP сервис в аэропорту Симферополя
Компания SkyWaterLand будет рада сделать поездку для Вас и Ваших Клиентов максимально комфортной и безопасной, забронировав VIP-зал в аэропорту Симферополя. К услугам Пассажиров: - отдельный вход - отдельный транспорт от/до трапа самолета - прохождение всех формальностей в VIP-зале. Будем рады забронировать для Вас и Ваших Клиентов VIP-сервис в аэропорту Симферополя!
YAKUTSK airport offers
SkyWaterLand team! is happy to offer VIP class service lounge at the Yakutsk airport. The lounge include: -Private chek-in desks -Comfortable VIP Lounge Private transfer from/to aircraft -Personal assistance in VIP lounge with luggage and The VIP Lounge of Yakutsk airport offers to VIP Passengers delicious, hot breakfast, which will be prepared by the time the Passengers will arrive the airport!
Gagarin Airport VIP Lounge - the winner of the Best of Year Awards 2020

SkyWaterLand congratulates Gagarin Airport VIP Lounge on the victory in a global design awards!

Best of Year Awards – the annual world prize, established by Interior Design Magazine for the most significant and innovative projects in architecture and design from around the globe. The honor ceremony took place in NY online where Gagarin Airport VIP Lounge by VOX Architect was awarded the Best of the Year 2020 in nomination «Transportation». We are proud of our Partners!
Gagarin Airport 25/12/2020
SkyWaterLand team! is happy to offer VIP class service lounge at the Zanzibar international airport. The lounge include: -Comfortable VIP Lounge -Private transfer from/to aircraft -Fast track -Personal assistance in VIP lounge with luggage
COVID-19 Passenger Testing "SAFE TRAVEL" Solution
Add application Prova on your phone,which helps you to book the service online - COVID-19 test. And you will get test results in your application within 24 hours. Show your test certificate to Border Control Authorities to verify that you’re fit to travel. Make a booking Fill in the application Prova Take a test Get results & Get moving The COVID-19 PCR testing will be operated by VIP service of Heathrow airport, in conjunction with leading, accredited Laboratory partners across the UK and the Prova application. Test results are sent by SMS text to Passenger phone with PDF test certificate emailed to Passenger We wish you a safe travel!
FAST TRACK - NEW SERVICE IN THE AIRPORT SkyWaterLand Team is glad to offer a new service in the airport SOCHI to YOU and YOUR CLIENTS Sochi - Fast track! Passing through formalities without ques in rapid way Exclusive transport from/to aircraft
SkyWaterLand team! is happy to offer VIP class service VIP service at the Tivat and Podgorica airports to You and Your Customers! The services include: Personal assistance Help with luggage Coordination with a driver. With our VIP service you will go though the formalities as quick and safe as possible.
Golf - is the pearl of Qatar! Qatar Qatar is a unique state in the Persian Gulf! This Emirate, which had been unknown for a long time, came out of the shadow of it’s Middle Eastern neighbors and started giving visa free entry for tourists from dozens of countries, and recently presented a new 33- hole golf course – The new Education City Golf Clubby Jose Maria Olasabal.The Russian tournament Eаgle Trоphy Businуss Cuр Qatаr took place there in December 2019. The Commеrcial Bаnk Qаtar Mаsters tournament has been also performed in the Golf Course mentioned above, the stage of the Eurotour and the Rolex series took place in early March,which ended with the Victory of Jorje Campillo.. Formally, there are two golf clubs in Qatar. The oldest Doha Golf Club offers an 18-hole course, (par 72, 7131 yards) by Peter Harradine and 9-hole academic course. The new Education City Golf Club includes three courses at once: 18, 9 and 6 holes. ECGC is open a little over a year which allows you to come here when the season is already closed in other countries. The ideal solution on the way to the Maldives is to visit Qatar and enjoy a game of golf.
Airport Yeni Havalimani in Istanbul offers its Passengers Business Lounge upon departure! Benefits for Passengers: • Garantenteed access to the BUSINESS LOUNGE • Duty free only for BUSINESS LOUNGE Passengers • Refreshments • Wifi • Shower • Billiard
SkyWaterLand team! is happy to offer VIP class service at the Heathrow airport (London) to You and Your Customers. The services include: Personal assistance Help with luggage Coordination with a driver. With our VIP service you will go though the formalities as quick and safe as possible.


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оплата банковской картой

При оплате заказа банковской картой, обработка платежа (включая ввод номера карты) происходит на защищенной странице процессинговой системы, которая прошла международную сертификацию. Это значит, что Ваши конфиденциальные данные (реквизиты карты, регистрационные данные и др.) не поступают в интернет-магазин, их обработка полностью защищена и никто, в том числе наш интернет-магазин, не может получить персональные и банковские данные клиента.

При работе с карточными данными применяется стандарт защиты информации, разработанный международными платёжными системами Visa и MasterCard — Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), что обеспечивает безопасную обработку реквизитов Банковской карты Держателя. Применяемая технология передачи данных гарантирует безопасность по сделкам с Банковскими картами путем использования протоколов Transport Layer Security (TLS), Verified by Visa, Secure Code, и закрытых банковских сетей, имеющих высшую степень защиты.

В случае возврата, денежные средства возвращаются на ту же карту, с которой производилась оплата.

Credit card payment

Payment for a purchase with a bank card (including entering the card number) takes place on a protected web-site of the processing system that has passed international certification. It means that your confidential personal information (card and registration data) will not enter the on-line store, its processing is fully protected and no one including our on-line store will have access to the customer’s personal and bank information.
When processing card data, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are used. These standards have been developed by Visa and MasterCard international payments schemes and provide for safe processing of bank card data. The data transfer technology used ensures bank card transactions safety by using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Verified by Visa and Secure Code protocols and closed highly protected bank networks.
Refunds are made to the same card as the card with which payment was made.

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