SkyWaterLand travel is pleased to offer VIP services in many airports all over the world to those passengers who value their time and comfort. Feel luxury and comfort in every corner of the globe. Our team will take care of your trip providing you the first class travel services.


Team offers Passengers who value their time and comfort VIP service in all cities of Russia, Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc.

is pleased to offer VIP services in many airports all over the world to those passengers who value their time and comfort! Feel luxury and comfort in every corner of the globe. Our team will take care of your trip providing you the first class travel services!

It is a separate comfortable room in which the Passenger passes all formalities: check-in for the flight, passport and customs control, receipt of baggage. VIP-hall - this area, separate from the common hall airport  VIP lounge this is an area separate from the general airport hall

Fast track formalities Passage of all flight formalities in accelerated ("extraordinary") mode through the common hall of the airport. This service is particularly popular in airports in Europe and Asia.

Separate comfortable roomA separate comfortable room, usually located after passing passport control and designed to wait for boarding the flight in the most comfortable conditions. The services of Passengers Business halls can be offered light drinks and snacks, fresh press and internet, and in some airports even shower rooms and capsule recreation areas.

Assisting the Passenger with all flight formalities in the common hall of the airport. Assistance to the Passenger in passing all flight formalities in the common hall of the airport. This service is not an accelerated ("extraordinary") pass of formalities, but assistance of the airport employee in passing them


Team offers to experience a great joy of Business Aviation Services.

These services are for These Passengers who value their time: Jet rent helps to be independent of the ordinary flight schedule. It's you who choose the route, the time and the jet.

We will order for you your favorite dishes from top-level restaurants and take care of every tiny thing during the flight.

Feel advantage of Business Aviation Service with SkyWaterLand: mobility, high reliability, prestige and security.


Team an expert in the world of luxury.

Start travelling in a new way with us! Holidays in exlusive hotels; Rent of castles, islands and villas; Business aviation and helicopters; Executive cars with high-class drivers; ubnique tours.

We are always exciting to create the travelling of your dream!


Team organizes yacht chartering all over the world. All your wishes come true: a one day cruise in Monaco or two weeks cruise in Caribbean.

If you dream to wake up every morning in a new beautiful place, to visit the most unique islands and world famous places then a yacht cruise is what you need!

We create every cruise based on your desires. Every single place in the world may become a special one! We combine in a unique picture every part of your voyage dream - the Team, the Yacht, the Route with our Care about you and your family!


Do you dream of learning how to play golf? We will be happy to help you with this.

Team organizes a Gol tour for you  a tour to any part of the world, where golf coaches will teach not only the technique of the game, but also it will be the first step in helping to get an initial handicap.


Team organizes for you transfer to cars of executive and business class anywhere in the world! Reliability, prestige and safety on every trip!

  • premium and business class cars
  • high class drivers
  • large range of additional services
оплата банковской картой

При оплате заказа банковской картой, обработка платежа (включая ввод номера карты) происходит на защищенной странице процессинговой системы, которая прошла международную сертификацию. Это значит, что Ваши конфиденциальные данные (реквизиты карты, регистрационные данные и др.) не поступают в интернет-магазин, их обработка полностью защищена и никто, в том числе наш интернет-магазин, не может получить персональные и банковские данные клиента.

При работе с карточными данными применяется стандарт защиты информации, разработанный международными платёжными системами Visa и MasterCard — Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), что обеспечивает безопасную обработку реквизитов Банковской карты Держателя. Применяемая технология передачи данных гарантирует безопасность по сделкам с Банковскими картами путем использования протоколов Transport Layer Security (TLS), Verified by Visa, Secure Code, и закрытых банковских сетей, имеющих высшую степень защиты.

В случае возврата, денежные средства возвращаются на ту же карту, с которой производилась оплата.

Credit card payment

Payment for a purchase with a bank card (including entering the card number) takes place on a protected web-site of the processing system that has passed international certification. It means that your confidential personal information (card and registration data) will not enter the on-line store, its processing is fully protected and no one including our on-line store will have access to the customer’s personal and bank information.
When processing card data, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are used. These standards have been developed by Visa and MasterCard international payments schemes and provide for safe processing of bank card data. The data transfer technology used ensures bank card transactions safety by using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Verified by Visa and Secure Code protocols and closed highly protected bank networks.
Refunds are made to the same card as the card with which payment was made.

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